Inventory Update June 20 2020

The Best Things Come to Those who Wait.

Hello everyone,

If you are here, you are likely looking for our wind chimes or hooks or both.
I have created this page to promote an open conversation about where we stand with our inventory.

As of June 20, 2020, most of our chimes are back in stock, including the 11 new colors/sizes! That is very exciting.

There are still a couple that have yet to return and those will vary in their arrival times throughout the summer. I am leaving my letter to you from May below as it still stands as far as Wailua Blue and Cottage White and Kindness 29 Bronze and Red go. If those are the specific chimes you are looking for, I hope one of the other colors catch your eye or that you can wait a little longer.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in to ask to be on the notification list, it was really nice to hear from you.

Letter from May:

Hello Everyone,

With everything that is going on, we have had some ups and downs (as has every one). We were supposed to have 11 new wind chimes on top of our current options. We were so excited to add 3 new colors to the Havasu Line (both the 28" and the 38"), 1 new color to the Kindness Line and Introduce a new size for Kindness as well. They are beautiful, I promise.

But, they have been delayed which has meant we ran out of the original colors and sizes that you are looking for. That has been a big downer.

Running out is something I also choose to see as an "up" because that means we are still alive and kicking and people still want our chimes which is awesome and flattering. Thank you all so much.

As for the Wailua line, well, they just flew off the shelf and outpaced our planned spring production and the replenishment stocks!

All 22 chimes are on their way, with the full lines of Havasu and Kindness expected in early June (the trucks are waiting in line to deliver to the Amazon warehouses and that line is much like the one at the Costco in our city, long but civil).

So, I will be updating our website as we get closer to the arrival of the new batches and would be happy to let you know when Amazon "turns them on". If you send me a message through the contact page and let me know which one you want to watch for, I can add you to my notification list.

It has been a whirlwind of a spring, we didn't know whether we would have much of anything for the season, then we had an amazing start, then the logistics of getting them on the shelf... Lots of big breaths here.

These are hurdles but it could be so much worse so I try to keep perspective. I am very excited about the new colors - same sound, but more options to blend into different outdoor spaces.

Thank you again for visiting, it means a lot that you took the time to read this whole thing!