Norm the Gnome

The "Seriously" Gnome Guy

  • WE ALL NEED A SUBTLE WAY TO EXPRESS HOW WE ARE FEELING in a given situation, but sometimes we lack the words. Every now and again, we could use a little help to get that message across even when we can't be there ourselves. Introducing Norm, he will ask those tough questions for you.
  • THERE ARE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES to the places Norm can stand in for you as a decoration or figurine; Wherever you feel like someone should think twice about the choices they are making, Norm has your back. Give him to your mom, dad, best friend, grandma,
  • WHAT ARE HIS STATS? The tip of is hat reaches 9 ¾ inches tall so he's fairly large; The base is sturdy and stylish measuring 6 x 4.5 inch; He weighs 1.45 lbs (mostly in his big biceps); Made from High Quality Resin; Each Norm is Hand Painted
  • WHERE TO PUT HIM? That hole the raccoons keep digging in your yard; That fairy ring you just can’t get rid of; Potholes (on the side of the road); Breaches of Parking etiquette - you know: THAT guy; Next to the pile of flyers building up at your mail box; Your office desk; The kids’ playroom you cleaned 5 min ago!
  • QUESTIONS? No problem, each purchase of Norm includes an UpBlend Outdoors PDF detailing: care instructions, frequently asked questions, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Easy to share and keep as a digital file.