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Wind Chimes and Spirituality

From colorful steel rods to unique bamboo creations, wind chimes have been a part of this world and its many cultures for thousands of years.

In this time, they have been used in many ways – home décor, good luck charms, dreamcatchers – but one usage stands out:


Keeping Evil Spirits Away

Today, many people believe that wind chimes not only indicate the presence of someone from the other world but can deter it too. The thought has its roots deeply embedded in history.

In Ancient Rome, one of the first-ever wind chimes was the Tintinnabulum. It depicted a magical figure, a fascinum, made of bronze and laden with wind bells. The same bells were thought to produce a melodious sound, preventing the evil eye, and bringing prosperity, benefits, and good fortune to the owner.

The thinking behind the Tintinnabulum is simple:

Once you stop evil spirits from entering your home through the bells, what lay ahead is only good luck and fortune.

The same concept has now been paired with creativity, to introduce crafty, spiritual wind chimes.

  • The Triquetra Chime: Indicating the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, many brass and bamboo wind chimes contain the Celtic Triquetra symbol in their center.
  • The Owl Spirit Chime: Considered a wise bird, the owl is considered to bring wisdom and protection to the home.
  • Ganesha Wind Chime: The Hindu deity, Ganesha, is also the center of many wind chimes aimed to improve the spirituality of the home’s residents and keep them safe.

Healing the Soul and Spirit

Windchimes and spirituality aren’t only tied by the unseen. Many people believe that while unique wind chimes can deter evil, some can provide healing to create a better you.

Wind bells are thought to contain chi, overall positive energy in them, that spreads with the reverberation of the sound. Just how Tibetan singing bowls attract you with their melodious sounds and release all your negative energy, wind chimes are thought to do the same.

They provide the mind and body with a balance, a way to realign their chakras, calm their soul, and look at the world with a newer perspective.

The Connection with Feng Shui

The wind chimes’ ability to create a balance is also what has led its introduction to the world of Feng Shui.

Also called Chinese Geomancy, Feng Shui literally means “wind-water”, and is the act of achieving harmony and balance with the natural world. One way to do so is by arranging the objects in your home according to the respective energy forces. Another is through wind chimes.

If you’re planning to add a little Feng Shui to your home, utilize personalized wind chimes:

  • Focus on the Material 

Wind chimes can be made of brass, ceramic, wood, steel, or other metals. Their placement hinges upon their material. For example, if you have wooden wind chimes or plan to buy one, hang them in the South, East, or South-East segments of your home.  

  • Know the Number

Each wind chime thrives on a number. These could be the number of bells or rods. In Feng Shui, the number matters.

For example, ‘5’ rods or bells in a chime are thought to keep away negative forces and offer protection. In this case, the Pentacle wind chime is a popular one, displaying 5 corners.

  • Stress on the Symbols

The choice of symbols varies. While a Hindu could hang the Om chant or Ganesha wind chime, a Christian may choose symbols of the Holy Trinity.

When choosing your wind chime, keep the material, the number of rods, and symbols in high consideration.

The Color of Meaning

For people who believe in the power of colors and their meaning, ceramic wind chimes hold a superior spiritual position.

Black can signify wisdom, green or blue wind bells can usher in growth and prosperity, while hues of green and brown keep one grounded.

On the contrary, if you are hoping to stray from the calming energies into one that ignites passion or vigor, red outdoor wind chimes may bring more than color into your home.  


Wind chimes are thought to achieve more than elevated home décor. They bring powers of healing, divinity, protection, and wisdom into homes.

If you believe in the magic and mysticism of wind chimes or are simply considering trying your luck, UpBlend Outdoors is a great place to start with.  

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